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HomeblogThere are several ways to lay WPC flooring
HomeblogThere are several ways to lay WPC flooring

There are several ways to lay WPC flooring

There are several ways to lay WPC flooring

Although easy to install outdoor flooring, this argument, but the Shanghai Seven Trust Co., Ltd. had to remind consumers to install the floor must have some internal rules, everyone in a quiet room dressing, or a little bit of experience, renovation.

1, the wood generally begins with a room wall in the entrance to the room, or on the other walls placed more comfortable.

2,Wooden floor in the living room in front of the workshop to check and repair. Although the effect of wood flooring waterproof mold, but talented eco-wood flooring manufacturers in Guangdong, it is recommended in the family life, learn more about the state of the earth's four seasons awakening. If you are seriously resurgent, listen to a layer of asphalt or asphalt waterproof.

3, can be a beautiful wooden floor shop need to do the core design in the axis, the axis of the laying on the floor. However, in particular, here the number of mobile devices is the number of rooms, more important is the design of the axis. Specifically, you can contact the on-site chef.

4, easy to install outdoor flooring, was assigned the starting point is very neat, smooth and tight. If the starting point or a solid tongue and groove floor stick to a flat floor.

5, easy to install outdoor flooring, all four plates and four temporary body angle to maintain parallel, perpendicular to each other, cannot have small faults on the expansion of the area of error that.

6, outdoor flooring texture, should pay special attention in the horizontal and vertical direction, in order to avoid inappropriate impact assumptions. After completing the installation, you should also pay attention to their daily life, such as how to maintain these outdoor flooring to ensure the normal use (regular cleaning, no damage man-made), usually does not appear five to ten years, distorted, Do not fade, and decades of service life.

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